Free Webinar: Program Evaluation & Quality Assurance: Overview, Key Elements, Challenges, Benefits, and Lessons Learned

Accountability is a crucial part of any organization, including in the state-federal vocational rehabilitation agencies. It is important for each agency to monitor how they use their resources and whether their services meet the needs of consumers and the federal performance standards. Also, it is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of each program implemented, which can be used to improve …



September 4th – 6th, 2019     Portland, Maine. We hope to see you in beautiful Portland, Maine, as we continue our collaboration on performance management and quality assurance in vocational rehabilitation. Summit Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn by the Bay, set along the shores of Casco Bay in downtown Portland. While there, explore Portland’s unique beauty, heritage, and …

RSA Requests Comments on RSA-911

The 30-day comment period on RSA-911 is open from February 15, through March 19, 2019. RSA has asked us to share the following message with State VR Agencies and other stakeholders. We encourage you to provide feedback! The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) notifies State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies that the 30-day comment period for Case Service Report (RSA-911) (OMB Control …


Free Webinar: Measure Twice, Cut Once: Analyzing Administrative Data to Understand Pre-Employment Transition Services

This webinar presents considerations for analyzing administrative data to understand and monitor the provision of pre-employment transition services. Staff from vocational rehabilitation agencies can use their administrative data (such as the RSA-911 Case Service Report) to generate snapshots of service provision. Having information on the types of pre-employment transition services delivered, the characteristics of youth receiving them, and geographic and …


Free Webcasts Designed to Improve Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Project E3 has announced its 2018-2019 lineup of webcasts on topics designed to improve vocational rehabilitation services for the most underserved groups of people with disabilities. Project E3: Educate, Empower, and Employ is the Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center for Targeted Communities (VRTAC-TC). The Project E3 team works with state vocational rehabilitation agencies and their partners across the United States …

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluation: How to Become Savvy Evaluation Consumers

The Kellogg Foundation’s “Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluation: How to Become Savvy Evaluation Consumers” is a useful tool for evaluators. It provides guidance for establishing consistent methods, options for articulating activities, and information on establishing effective measurement frameworks and creating actionable reports and presentations. You’ll learn:


WIOA Performance Accountability for VR Programs

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) has developed a training series on performance accountability requirements and key terms defined in Section 116 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), their relationship to the RSA-911 data elements, and how to calculate these indicators. Seven independent, on-demand modules are available. They provide information on the key terms outlined in section 116 of …

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RSA Requests Input on Proposed Data Element Changes to RSA-911

The RSA is proposing a change to its data collection elements and invites you to submit your comments on the changes before November 30th, 2018. You’ll find an itemized list of the proposed changes, as well as other supporting documents, on the Federal Register’s notice.

Summit Conference 2018

Presentation Materials Available from the 11th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence

Vocational rehabilitation professionals from 50 states gathered in Oklahoma City, OK September 4-6 to collaborate and share resources around improving state-federal vocational rehabilitation services to people with disabilities that result in quality employment outcomes. Together, attendees learned evaluation results and research outcomes from practitioners and researchers and gained insight on VR agencies’ strategies for internal controls, program evaluation, skills gains, …

Download the Conference Mobile App!

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to download the Summit Conference event app! Our app will make the conference more valuable and enjoyable for you. When you download the app, you’ll be able to: For fun, play the app Game to earn points for doing things you already want to do, like exploring the schedule and networking with …

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Registration Is Now Open! Join Us in Oklahoma City for Summit Conference 2018

Join us in our commitment to improve performance management and quality assurance in the state vocational rehabilitation system. Together, we’ll achieve excellence in providing services to people with disabilities that result in quality employment outcomes. Conference attendees will: CRC and LPC continuing education credits will be available for conference sessions. Studies have shown that people with higher levels of hope …

best practices used by VR agencies that result in increased competitive employment for consumers.

VR Agency Best Practices: Paving the Way for Increased Competitive Employment

These are just a few of the best practices used by VR agencies that result in increased competitive employment for consumers. In a recent study, researchers identified 29 best practices that promote successful employment outcomes. They found that agencies that use at least some of the identified promising best practices shift focus from process to consumer needs and cultivate an …

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Effective Youth Transition Practices

What are the current best practices for working with youth in transition? New studies outline five areas of practice to consider. State vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies are in a unique position to help youth transition from school to work. The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) requires that state VR agencies coordinate with their state’s education agency to outline their respective roles …

Evidence-Based Practice counselor toolkit vocational rehabilitation curriculum for people with disabilities

Evidence-Based Practice Counselor Toolkit

Use this toolkit to learn what evidence-based practice is, why it’s important in vocational rehabilitation, and how to apply it to your practice. You’ll find instruction on the use of seven evidence-based practices, including: This toolkit was developed specifically for VR Counselors working to improve employment, and quality of employment, outcomes of people with disabilities. It is based on research …

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PEQA Featured in the National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials Newsletter

PEQA assists State VR agencies to improve performance management by building their capacity to carry out high-quality program evaluation and quality assurance practices that promote continuous program improvement. NCRTM’s newsletter article highlights some of PEQA’s key activities: Visit NCRTM to read the full article and learn more about how PEQA can support you to improve your agency’s program evaluation and quality …


Explore Oklahoma City’s National Memorial Museum with Us!

While at the conference, explore OKC’s National Memorial Museum with friends and colleagues. You’ll experience the story of the Oklahoma City Bombing through exhibits and recorded narratives from victims’ family members, survivors, rescue workers and others. The story is presented in ten chapters, beginning in Oklahoma City the morning of the bombing, the moments immediately following the blast, through the …

VR Evaluation Coach Training

Online VR Program Evaluation Coach: Analyzing Your Data

The VR Program Evaluation Coach is a powerful tool. It helps you analyze your own data to evaluate your agency’s services and answer important questions such as: Watch a demonstration to learn how this tool can work for you. 1 CRC and 0.1 CEU is available to those who complete the training evaluation form. VR professionals from across the country …

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Key Data Points: National Vocational Rehabilitation Services

A new infographic is available that highlights key data points for the national Vocational Rehabilitation program. The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) recently developed this. This informative infographic gives you general information about the national Vocational Rehabilitation program, as well as: RSA is interested in your feedback on this infographic. If you have comments or ideas for future infographics or data …

summit conference 2018 banner 11th annual summit conference on performance management september 4 through 6 2018 skirvin hilton hotel oklahoma city

Call for Proposals!

The Program Content Team for the 11th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence invites you to submit a proposal to present at this year’s Summit. All submissions are due by midnight EST on April 20th, 2018. Share with VR program evaluation and quality assurance professionals: Submit your proposal with our easy online process! Contact us or visit the Conference website.

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How Attachment Style, Social Support, and Coping Affects Happiness

Approximately 19%, or 56.7 million, of people in the United States have a disability that affects how they function in their daily activities. These individuals’ attachment styles, approaches to coping, and levels and types of social support are indicators of how well they will positively adjust to disability. This research examined how these indicators correlate with happiness in a sample …

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Hope and Rehabilitation Counseling: Measuring, Building and Nurturing Goals

Often in rehabilitation counseling it’s difficult to understand why one person has successful outcomes while another one does not. Many factors contribute to individual outcomes; however, people with higher hope have been shown to adjust better to disability and the challenges that come with it.  Since goals are what drive hope, and identifying and reaching goals are a key component …


Applications for PEQA’s Certification Program Now Being Accepted

Application deadline: February 27, 2018 Acceptance decision: March 9th, 2018 Our goal is to build on the knowledge and skills of training participants and to provide opportunities for incorporating practice into training. The training will be delivered using multiple modalities and in an accessible format. Visit our Training Page to learn more and to apply.

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Quality of Life: A Better Measure?

The International Classification of Functioning (ICF) model can help us understand how vocational rehabilitation (VR) consumers experience disability and chronic illness in all areas of their lives, according to recent research. It can be used to better capture and measure the relationship between employment and quality of life, and serve as a guide for counselors in providing for more targeted …