13th Annual Summit Conference on Performance Management Excellence : Sessions

Making WIOA Measures Meaningful: How Vermont Brought Them into View

Session Details

The rear-view mirror is useful, but not where you want to fix your eyes when driving a car. The common performance measures feel similarly awkward as a tool for VR administrators to drive VR counselor practice and performance forward in our new WIOA landscape. This session presents Vermont’s journey towards implementing a dashboard that puts actionable leading indicators in front of counselors and managers with the goal of rocking those WIOA measures. While the dashboard design is personal, practical, and simple on the surface, it’s been a complex, enterprise-wide conversation and communication effort to create.

Learning Objectives

  • How to make new performance measures tangible to counselor in real time.
  • Strategies for engaging the entire enterprise in an organizational shift in practice.

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Amanda Arnold, Quality Assurance Manager
Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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Hibbard Doe, Regional Manager
Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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Alice Porter, Planning and Evaluation Unit Manager
Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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