13th Annual Summit Conference on Performance Management Excellence : Sessions

Meeting the Pre-ETS Set-Aside Challenge: FL VR’s Pre-ETS Journey

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Since the inception of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Vocational Rehabilitation agencies across the nation have been challenged with finding programming to help meet the required 15% set aside expenditures on Pre-Employment Transition Services. This has been a difficult task for smaller states, and even more so for states as large as Florida VR where 15% could mean upwards of $24 million per year.

During this session, I will describe Florida’s journey from low expenditures on School to Work Transition Services pre-WIOA to finally meeting the Pre-ETS “set-aside” challenge. Programming solutions such as bundled Pre-ETS through “camp-like” formats and the redesign of existing service formats will be shared as well as the infrastructure needed to support the program for students with disabilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the inputs needed to successfully sustain the program of services for students with a disability
  • Describe program designs that increased our ability to serve students with disabilities
  • Describe pending strategies to improve our program model

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Carmen Dupoint, Employment Programs Unit Supervisor
FL Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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